Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Raising children in an evil world.

For as long as I can remember I always wanted to be a mother. I saw how much my parents loved us and I wanted that for myself. I wanted more than one child because I wanted them to have what I have with my siblings. 

Today I am 29 and have two wonderful children and hope to possibly have another some day. My oldest Dominic is 8, he is a sweet boy with a gentle soul. Ukiah is going to be 2 soon, he is my sweet little spitfire ginger. They are my world and I want nothing but the best for them. 

There has always been evil in this world and I know there always will be but in today's world I feel like there is a lot more of it than there used to be. Maybe this is because I am grown now and understand the things going on around me. I rarely watch the news anymore because of the horrors across the globe, however because of our wonderful social media I get my fill of it daily. I see everything from bullying to racism to murder and terrorism. 

As my children grow I wonder how will I be able to protect them from these evils, how do I teach them to protect themselves without allowing their hearts to turn cold? I don't want them to live in fear and heartbreak but don't want them to be desensitized to it all either. The atrocities committed by man lead me to believe that the human race is not capable of peace so how do I find a middle ground to help them become peaceful loving humans that are also capable of protecting themselves and doing what they need to do to survive. With everything that has happened recently this thought weighs more heavily on my mind. They have a while until they are grown but evil does not know age, I hope as they grow I am able to equip them with the coping and survival skills they need to make it on this planet we call home.

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